Thomas Krümmel

Chairman, International Arbitration Centre

Thomas Krümmel, Rechtsanwalt and partner in the Berlin office of the law firm of MEYER-KÖRING. Admitted to the Bar in 1992, he looks back on three decades of professional experience as legal advisor and party counsel in the German state courts. His clients are corporate developers, large bank and investors’ consortiums, construction enterprises, high net-worth individuals, family offices and other private clients from all major jurisdictions of the world. His portfolio comprises real estate-related transactions and development projects of any kind and volume as well as mandates in the pharmaceutical, aeronautics, advertising, car component supply, car retail and health food sectors.
In commercial arbitration, he has acted in cases involving, inter alia, real estate development, franchising, car retail and plant engineering under the ICC and the DIS as well as ad-hoc rules. Prior to his appointment as Chairman of the IAC, he was a member of the IAC panel of arbitrators.

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