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Badr Boussabat

Head of Marketing at World Alliance of International Financial Centers and President of AI TOGETHER

Badr Boussabat is an AI Speaker and 2x Author of “L’intelligence artificielle: notre meilleur espoir” (2020) which is one of the most widely read books on AI in French-speaking countries and “L’intelligence artificielle dans le monde d’aujourd’hui” (2021). His first book has been reported as one of the best books on AI of the year 2020. Badr gave over 70+ conferences to major financial institutions, Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), World Economic Forum, banks, public authorities, SME’s and Universities.

Badr Boussabat is the Founder & President of AI TOGETHER. AI TOGETHER is the largest non-profit organization promoting the inclusive use of AI and gathering the most eminent AI leaders on the planet from the private sector. He is also one of the Advisory Board Members of the International Group of Artificial Intelligence (IGOAI) and Country Advisor to Belgium.

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