April 3, 2024

Astana Finance Days 2024

Astana Finance Days is an annual financial conference in the Eurasian region. Since 2018 it serves as a platform for networking and discussing current issues, trends, and opportunities in the global and Kazakhstani financial industries. 

Every year, the conference brings together about 3000 participants from over 70 countries. Among them are representatives from government agencies, experts in the financial industry and economics, investors, business owners, as well as leaders of major international banks and foreign stock markets. 

The conference program will cover topics such as macroeconomic prospects and investment opportunities in Kazakhstan, regional development of capital markets,  asset management sector development potential, new instruments for sustainable financing, low-carbon development and growth of the green economy in Central Asia, Islamic finance in retail and corporate sectors, issues of jurisdiction, regulation and dispute resolution within the AIFC, the junior mining market in Kazakhstan, as well as innovations and trends in the financial industry. 

The conference will also include the AIFC Participants Forum, an event designed to promote constructive dialogue and support for companies participating in the financial centre. The Forum opens up opportunities for communication and familiarisation with the activities of AIFC participants, facilitating the establishment of business relations and understanding of their contribution to the economy of Kazakhstan.

The Forum will include a podcast session aimed at providing insights into the profile of AIFC participants, their reasons for choosing the AIFC for their business, and the registration and regulatory procedures within the jurisdiction.  Panel sessions will also cover topics such as registration, post-registration and licensing procedures for companies in the AIFC. Furthermore, there will be a Q&A session with current centre participants. 

We invite financial industry experts, government officials, investors and business leaders to join AFD 2024. This event offers a unique opportunity to explore investment opportunities, network with peers and exchange insights on the latest financial trends and developments in the region. 

For any inquiries regarding participation in the AFD 2024 conference, please feel free to email us at [email protected].