June 22nd, 2022

First Credit Bureau - Country Data Hub

First Credit Bureau - Country Data Hub

Since 2018, the FCB has begun a transformation in which the creation of a country Data Hub is the key idea. The FCB aims to become the main data provider primarily for the financial sector, and also, under the existing legal restrictions, for other players who are not licensed by the regulator, but ready to transfer information about their debtors and receive convenient services. For example, they may include factoring, leasing companies, enterprises that sell goods in installments, and others.

Having been working deliberately for more than 10 years with data that is regularly enriched, the FCB, like no other on the market, has a vast expertise and competence in scoring. The FCB modeling was validated not only in the credit market, but also in social analytics at the international level, when Almaty Akimat was praised in China for a stochastic model of the coronavirus spread to determine the effectiveness and timing of the implementation of drug-free government measures.

The FCB's expertise extends to international markets as well. The bureau is already working in Belarus and Moldova, providing our services there. For example, behavioral scoring was implemented for the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus (Central Bank), and this scoring is now used by all credit institutions in Belarus.

Now the FCB has:

• Over 800 providers and recipients of information

• The most complete and most clean database of credit histories in Kazakhstan

• Over 50 scorecards

• Its own analytical center

• Analytical telegram channel DataHub_FCBK

• Expertness at the international level - the FCB provides services on the territory of Belarus and Moldova

• The best BIG DATA Company 2020

The First Credit Bureau is quite well known in the global market as a brand. The FCB is a member of absolutely all field-specific associations, including international ones.