Aiteke Bi Hall (C3.1, Mangilik Yel 55/16)


Innovations at the AIFC Court and IAC: The Premier Centres for Commercial Dispute Resolution in Eurasia

Jurisdiction & Regulation


The AIFC Court and IAC commenced operations on 1 January 2018. Since then, the AIFC Court and IAC have achieved considerable case volume and continue to implement a sustained enhancement programme for greater efficiency and innovation to ensure that they provide the most up to date and user friendly international standard commercial dispute resolution.

During this session, participants will hear first-hand from the IAC Chairman and the Registrar on proven efficiencies and innovations that will ensure the AIFC Court and IAC continue to grow and deliver world class commercial dispute resolution services as elite global standard institutions committed to the rule of law. The session will also provide unique insight into how the AIFC Court and IAC work in practice at an everyday practical level.