London Hall (Mangilik El 55/17, block C3.2)


Investments in Energy: Smart Grid Technology for a Sustainable Future

Green Growth


The panel session will discuss current problems in the field of electric power industry, including prospects for using Smart Grid technologies, current pilot projects, abstract architecture, green technologies and the role of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in the above areas. The speakers at the panel session will be representatives of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, ADB, EBRD and the technology consortium “Industry 4.0” based on the Center 4IR.

During the discussion, pilot projects that have already been implemented in Kazakhstan will be discussed, and the abstract architecture of Smart Grid, pilot design projects that are being developed will be presented. The speakers will also discuss what innovations already exist in this area, as well as what others may be introduced in the near future.

One of the key topics of discussion at the panel session will be the role of ADB in supporting the energy sector in the region and the development of Smart Grid technology. The speakers will discuss which projects have already been implemented thanks to funding from the ADB, and which projects can be implemented in the future.

Another important topic will be the EBRD’s green finance support program. The new stage of the GEFF (Green Economy Financing Facility) program is aimed at financing and supporting projects aimed at improving the energy efficiency of enterprises.

To exchange of experience and ideas between experts and representatives of the electric power industry. Participants will also be able to discuss the challenges and opportunities related to the introduction of new technologies in this area.

All participants of the panel session will be able to receive valuable information and knowledge from experienced professionals in the field of Energy Transition, Green Finance, ESG, learn about technologies that help create a more efficient and environmentally friendly energy system.