June 7th

How Human Capital drives Innovation: Capability Building within Organisation

Innovations & Capabilities
Al-Farabi Hall (Mangilik El 55/18, block C3.3)

How Human Capital drives Innovation: Capability Building within Organisation

Human Capital Drives Innovation by building the necessary capabilities within organizations to foster innovation. This includes developing the skills and competencies required for innovation, providing employees with training and development opportunities, and creating a culture that supports experimentation and risk-taking.
Capability building within organizations is essential to driving innovation, as it enables employees to develop the knowledge, skills, and creativity needed to generate new ideas and solutions.
Participants in the panel will discuss strategies and practices for capability building on topics such as:
The role of leadership in promoting a culture of innovation within the organization.
The importance of investing in employee training and development to build capability for innovation.
Strategies for encouraging collaboration and knowledge-sharing across different departments or teams within the organization.
The role of diversity and inclusion in driving innovation by bringing together people with different perspectives and backgrounds.
The use of technology and digital tools to facilitate innovation and streamline processes?

Anuar Zhangozin
Zarina Kashkimbayeva
Tahmina Qodiri
Saken Zhumashev
Assel Zhanassova