About Astana Finance Days 2021

Astana Finance Days (AFD) is one of the largest financial conferences in the region annually hosted by the Astana International Financial Centre. Over 2018-2020, the AFD attracted over 13,000 participants from 100 countries of the world. In 2020, the conference had a significant attendance with more than 5,000 registered participants from over 100 countries.

At the Astana Finance Days 2021 conference AIFC’s main stakeholders and partners will present innovative products and services that will help our markets in post-crisis recovery. During Astana Finance Days, we will share recent development and highlight key pivots for revival. We will explore the challenges that an increasingly disrupted world poses for emerging markets, brainstorm on new solutions and instruments, and share successful cases and valuable tools.

Under the overarching theme "Restoring Growth", Online AFD 2021 will feature discussions on a range of events:

• Fin&Tech Summit: Visa Sessions; Mastercard Sessions; Fin & Tech

• Business Connect Forum

• Green Growth Forum

• Macroeconomic Forum

• Women's Economic Empowerment Forum

• EdTech Forum

• AIFC Law Conference

• ISFB-AIFC Seminar on Islamic Capital Market

And other

Speakers and participants will include representatives of local and foreign governments, international organisations, business circles, professionals and academia, and others.